TERRIFYING! THIS Is Why You Should NEVER Drive Over A Frozen Lake Just To Show Off [RAW VIDEO]

This is the terrifying moment a couple’s truck smashes through ice after they made the decision to DRIVE over a frozen lake. Ko’ona Cochrane and her partner made the trip across the ice because they thought it would be quicker than driving all the way around.

They assumed that the frozen water on top of the lake was 36 inches deep because the weather had been quite cold. Ko’ona captured the frightening moment on Facebook Live because she was filming the truck crossing near Hecla Islan, around 150km north of Winnipeg, in Canada.

The truck can be seen plunging into the water as Ko’ona screams and tells her partner to “bail”. She is then heard yelling: “That’s my life, take that!” as she grabs a bag filled with her belongings.

Speaking to CBC News , Ko’ona said: “We figured we would save two hours by going from Manigotagan across the lake.” ┬áBut as the couple started driving, they noticed a large crack and made the decision to veer off in another direction.

“But there was another crack there and the next thing you knew our truck went down. “My partner slowed down to avoid it but it swallowed the truck.”

Watch the video:

Source: Mirror

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