Chicken Wings on Food Network Spark Liberal Outrage Because Racism Of Course! [VIDEO]

Liberals look for anything to cry about. They somehow always find something “offensive” in everything they observe. Take the Food Network’s “Pioneer Woman” for instance. In an episode aired years ago, the host of the show decided to pull a little prank on her husband and his friend when she switched wing sauces giving the two men Asian sauce and not the American favorite buffalo. Liberals everywhere took up arms against the famous television network and used Twitter as a source to vent their outrage!

According to The Conservative Tribune:

Somehow, in the minds of liberals, this is proof of how racist those people are.

“The offensive conceit — that he and his college buddies would be revolted by Asian wings — was clearly written into the show before it was even filmed,” Eater reported.

So in the mind of liberals, not liking the food from a certain culture is clearly proof that you are racist and hate everyone from that culture.

Just because I don’t like Greek food, and wouldn’t be too thrilled if someone gave me Greek food after promising me something else, doesn’t mean I hate all Greek people. It just means I’m not a fan of their food.

The Thick Dumpling Skin blog was the first to complain about the episode, and noted that the Food Network doesn’t have any Asian cooks. Again, somehow this is clear proof of how racist everyone on the network is.

Maybe Liberals should stop looking so deep into everything and realize that their thinking is actually the TRUE racist way of thinking. We need a return to common sense in this country because if this keeps up the wounds that divide us will never heal.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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