MONSTER: Woman Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s House On Fire Killing His 3 Children Inside

Florida police arrested 49-year-old Marian Evette Williams in connection with the deadly fire. Williams, who is the ex-girlfriend of the three boys’ grandfather, is facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and arson.

The children were killed over the weekend in an early-Saturday-morning fire that authorities believe was started by their grandfather’s ex-girlfriend.

Marcus Clark, 10; Kiani Clark, 8; and Kemaren Clark, 4, all died in a fire that began around 4:30 a.m. in their grandfather’s home, the Arcadia Police Department confirmed. The children were sleeping when the fire broke out. A woman who was also inside the house at the time the fire broke out was, however, able to escape unharmed.


Williams, who has a long rap sheet, was ordered held without bond after an initial court appearance Sunday morning, and her next court date is scheduled for April 10. She is being held without bail.

The boys’ grandmother described Marcus as an ambitious, energetic go-getter. Kiani was always looking after the others as if he were the oldest, and Kemaren “always had a beautiful smile” on his face.

“Not a day’s gonna go by that we’re not going to remember them, think of them,” Clark told the news station. “I’m getting choked up.”

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