“I Thought It Was A Bird”: Bizarre Moment ‘Crackhead’ Feels Up Cement Mixer [VIDEO]

A ” crackhead ” has been filmed trying to get intimate with a cement mixer – because he “thought it was a bird”.

In the bizarre clip, the middle-aged man can be seen rubbing the metal for several seconds. However, he then turns to a man filming, saying he thought it was a woman’s bottom.

At the start of the clip – titled “Crackhead tries to feel up cement mixer” – filmed from a garden on a residential street, the man can be seen rubbing the rim of a cement mixer. ¬†After several seconds, he turns to the man filming and says: “I thought it was a bird, mate.”

The filmer, laughing, replies: “You thought it was a bird?” To which the man says: “Aye, I’ve not got brains mate. I f ** thought I was rubbing her a***.”

Source: Mirror

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