Proposal Gone Wrong Ends Up With Surprise Helicopter Ride For Insane Reason [VIDEO]

An Ohio couple recently made the trip from Ohio to Arizona for vacation. The couple, George Begalla and Katie Woodford, decided that they were going to hike the famous Camelback Mountain. George had planned to propose to his girlfriend once they were at the top of the mountain. Everything was going extremely well, they made it to the top of the trail and he got down on one knee and asked for her hand. She said yes, and they kissed while bystanders cheered them on. Suddenly , the entire moment took a weird turn as Katie said she began to feel sick. Their trip ended with Katie getting flown to a nearby hospital with her now fiancé. At least they have the wedding to look forward to!

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend On Top Of Mountain, But Suddenly She Turns Pale And Can’t Breathe

A marriage proposal atop a mountain, with all of nature spread out before you sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what George Begalla was banking on this past Thursday, March 16, when he and his girlfriend Katie Woodford decided to take a vacation from Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona.

On that picturesque Thursday, they decided to hike up the famous Camelback Mountain.

Katie had no idea that once they reached the top of the mountain, George was planning on proposing to her.

And everything was going smoothly, too — they made it to the top of the mountain, and within moments of doing so, George got down on one knee.

“She said yes. We hugged. We kissed. We got the round of applause. We were really excited and all of a sudden she started to say, ‘I’m not feeling good,’” George recalled.

Suddenly, Katie began to hyperventilate, and she lost feeling in her hands and legs.

“I could see she was getting pale and she went down slow and asked for help,” he said.

According to George, another hiker prayed with him while they waited for help.

Thankfully, in mere minutes after the proposal and the fright afterward, a helicopter arrived and airlifted Katie off the mountain before returning for George.

They were both taken to a hospital, and have since recovered.

“A proposal she wasn’t expecting ended up with a surprise helicopter ride,” George said.

Well, at least they have a wedding to look forward to!

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