Father Panics When Son Disappears, Then Finds Him In A Very Unlikely Situation [VIDEO]

A toddler who was annoyed about not winning a teddy from a claw machine decided to get inside and grab a prize for himself. But canny Jamie Bracken-Murphy’s plan soon fell down as he became trapped inside behind the glass and unable to get out.

The three-year-old was quickly spotted by dad Damien Murphy, who said he took his eyes off Jamie for just a few seconds.

Damien told the Irish Independent : “I tried to get him out, but it seemed like he did not have enough space to maneuver his way out, so I told him to be calm and wait while I got one of the staff to find the keys to the machine.”

Luckily for little Jamie, an off-duty fireman was at the play center with his son and managed to come to his rescue.

Dad Damien added: “An off-duty fireman was there with his little son, and he is quite experienced with these sorts of things.  “He told Jamie to crouch down and move back further into the machine, which he did calmly, and the fireman shimmied him out.

“The staff were great. They were concerned and very helpful. They said they’d never seen any child manage that.”

Source: The Mirror

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