James Woods Tweet Is A BRUTAL Reminder Of What Democrats Have Done to America [PHOTO]

Eight years of the Obama administration and the American people were definitely ready for something new. Hence, President Trump. But why was that?

If you listen to the Democrats, it was either a) the Russians, b) “fake news,” c) James Comey, d) sexism/racism/xenophobia/<insert bigotry here>, or e) all of the above.

However, actor James Woods seems to have a better handle on it. In a list that he posted to Twitter, he nailed down exactly why the American people were fed up with the Democrats.

The sad thing is that this is exactly what the Democrats have done in every corner of America. Let’s go item by item.

 As president, Barack Obama gave an unprecedented number of criminals pardons or commutations under the guise of criminal justice reform. Most of those were drug criminals, although let’s not forget what he did down in Guantanamo Bay.Meanwhile, the former president and his Democrats did everything possible to foster the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

Then there was the bathroom-choice agenda, culminating in a dictum from the Obama administration that ordered schools to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to whoever wanted to use them — based on their alleged gender identity.

The abortion industry is practically sacrosanct in Democrat circles. So is the idea that police are inherently evil and if there is ever any sort of controversy over a police shooting, the policeman must be at fault.

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