Mother’s Last Words Lead To Her Baby Boy Being Rescued [VIDEO]

Domestic abuse is a real problem all over the country. Stories like this one are really touching and sobering to show just how quickly life can throw you a curveball and everything can change in just the matter of seconds. This story has a mixed ending, as one young lady’s life comes to an end but her heroics in her final moments helped saved her baby boy, Winston, in a kidnapping case.

Amanda Mangas tried as hard as she could to avoid this ending with her son’s father, James Ramey. Amanda was a victim of abuse from James over a long period of time. It took her some time to gain the courage to finally stand up for herself and make the decision to leave James. She went as far as to get a restraining order against Mr. Ramey in an attempt to keep him away from both her and their son Winston. The restraining order didn’t stop Ramey from violating it, and ultimately ending Amanda’s life and kidnapping their son and Amanda’s step mother.

James broke into Amanda’s fathers home, and delivered a fatal shot to the chest of Amanda before ultimately kidnapping Winston and her step mother. Once police and medical officials arrived at the scene, Amanda was past the point of being saved. She was in and out of consciousness, but this is where she had her best moment. In her fight for her life, Amanda whispered two words: “Where’s Winston”. In that moment, police sprung into action and put out an Amber Alert for the kidnapped child.

Winston and Amanda’s stepmother were later found about five hours later. They were both returned safe and unharmed physically, although the whole situation has had a major emotional impact.

Amanda was pronounced dead due to the shot to her chest. May she rest in piece.

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After Being Shot In The Heart, Mother Whispers 2 Words That Save Her Child’s Life

It’s been said that the most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when she finally finds the courage to leave. According to, a woman will leave an abusive partner up to seven times before she leaves for good. Shockingly, 75 percent of women who are killed by their batterers are murdered when they attempt to leave or after they have left an abusive relationship.

Sadly, Amanda Mangas was one of these women. After suffering through endless abuse and being held at knifepoint by James Ramey, the father of their son Winston, she filed a restraining order against him.

Sadly, the restraining order wasn’t enough to protect her from his violent tendencies when he broke into Amanda’s parents home. The confrontation turned violent – James shot Amanda in the chest and kidnapped her step-mother Deb Mangas and their 10-month-old son, Winston.

When law enforcement finally arrived on the scene, Amanda was bleeding profusely and barely conscious but was able to utter two words “Where’s Winston?” that helped police act quickly to save her son’s life just hours before she passed away.

An Amber Alert was issued and Winston and Deb were located nearly five hours away. Thankfully neither were harmed in the kidnapping. Amanda’s father Mike Mangas said he was so proud of his daughter’s motherly love in her final moments and her ability to alert authorities to rescue her son.

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