SHOCKING: Two Men Trying To Rape A Female Martial Artist End Up In Coma [PHOTOS]

In order to complete their dark intentions, some criminal offenders do not choose their victims. Lesson learned by these criminals that fell into the hands of the wrong victim. Such thing happened in this story.



20-year-old girl named Alice Lien Hua shared on her Facebook account her encounter with two men riding on a motorcycle. According to her, the two stopped her and asked her to roll down her window. Moments after, they asked her for some money. When she refused to give any, one of her attackers grabbed her out of her car and the other one took her bag.


Surprisingly, not only Alice was able to get away but she injured both of them seriously. Thanks to the martial arts skills she acquired.  The suspects did not know that Alice is actually a martial arts expert who represents Sabah, Malaysia in different competitions. Alice then ran over her attackers with her car which left them unconscious. They were sent to a nearby hospital and were declared to be comatose.

On the Facebook page Kelab Info Malaysia, Alice asked for the help of a friend in the Criminal Investigation Department of Inanam in Kota Kinabalu for investigation. They have found that the offenders are illegal immigrants without legal documents.

6 reported that the victim refused to continue filing police reports for fear that the authorities would file legal charges against her for assaulting the two criminal offenders, resulting in serious injuries.

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