23yr Old Dies From Chugging A Bottle Of Tequila As A Bet At A Nightclub [WATCH]

We all had those crazy Friday nights, weekend at the club with our friends after a long week of doing mundane activities.  It’s one way to let all our weekly stressors out. But how much amount of alcohol one stressed millennial can really take?

Kelvin Rafael Mejia, 23 year old, was seen spending his night rather wildly in a nightclub called Vacca Lounge in the city of La Romana in south-eastern Dominican Republic. The new father of a month old daughter atrociously died from winning a bet by chugging a bottle of tequila. The dangerous gamble act was caught on video by an audience who was in the same nightclub.

As seen on the video, Mejia downed the bottle of alcohol nonstop then woozingly raised his hand as a sign of victory. While getting the cash prize amounting to almost $800, the victor was noticeably slouching and losing his balance. Moments later, Mejia was found lying unconsciously on the ground causing everyone distress.

He was then brought to a nearby clinic called Coral where doctors failed to save him. His death was identified as alcohol intoxication, according to a medical examiner’s certification.

The nightclub management claims no participation to this unfortunate event as the fatal contest wasn’t part of the pub’s organized events.

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