Gene Simmons To Elitist Celebrities, ‘Trump Is President, Now Shut Up And Deal With It’

Throughout his career, Gene Simmons has been an in-your-face kind of guy. Best known as the bass player and vocalist for the international rock band KISS and for his iconic makeup and large tongue, Simmons was never one to stand by quietly and let the world go by without having his say.

While liberals might have loved him when he was in “The Demon” persona for the band, his recent announcement shocked them to tears. While he outright refused to perform for Donald Trump’s inauguration, he has gone on to become a Trump supporter – and one of very few in Hollywood.

As his fellow celebrities are still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s loss, Gene Simmons thinks they should stop crying about it and just get on with life. And recently, he let his freak flag fly while ripping liberals to shreds during his appearance on FOX Business News. You’ve got to hear his shocking announcement that liberals can’t stand.

During the interview with Simmons, who is really Chaim Witz, an Isreali-American who changed his name to be cooler, he dropped a bomb on his fellow celebrities. When he was just 8-years-old, he was an immigrant who moved to the United States. While many people are calling for the ban of immigrants, without Americans acceptance back in the middle of the twentieth century, we never would have had KISS.

Gene Simmons doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. And least of all his fellow Hollywood elites. Because he feels like every actor has started burning a torch for some political motive or other, he was eager to get on FOX to trounce them. He said:

“I think celebrities should basically shut their pie holes and do what they do best—act, sing, tap dance… all that kind of stuff,” Simmons told the FOX Business Network’s, Charles Payne. “President-elect Trump is the president. You can like it, you cannot like it. He’s the new president, that’s the end of the story.”

Before he was a rock star, Simmons worked as a school teacher. He is happy he was able to put that life behind him.

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