Parents So Abusive, Their 4yr Old Daughter Thought Her Name Was ‘IDIOT’

Jennifer Denen, 30, and her 47-year-old boyfriend, Clarence Reed, were arrested after officers found Denen’s daughter covered in bruises and dried blood.

These abusive and Arkansas’ most horrible couple who zip tied their 4-year-old daughter to her bed, verbally abused her so relentlessly that the poor little girl believed her name was “idiot”.

Officers said the pair used zip ties to strap the girl to her bed — a cruel punishment for climbing on the kitchen cabinets, according to investigations.

Police were called to the couple’s Hot Springs home on a child abuse tip from the Department of Human Services. When cops arrived, the girl had a black eye, a swollen face, dried blood on her head and ligature marks from being tied up. When cne cop asked the girl her name, she responded with “idiot”.

Another child from the neighborhood explained that Denen and Reed called the 4-year-old “idiot instead of using her name,”

The girl was placed in protective custody. Denen and Reed were charged with domestic battery, permitting abuse of a minor and endangering welfare of a minor.

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