Boyfriend Pours Acid And Set Girlfriend On Fire For Posting A Cute Photo

A man is reportedly being interrogated by police after he was accused of pouring acid over his girlfriend and setting her on fire — just because of a photo of her ex’s dog. The 24-year-old alleged victim, named only as Yekaterina M by local media in Russia, said she was held down and attacked with a chemical.


According to investigations, the incident happened after a night in with friends when Yekaterina took a prank photo of her pet dog sitting on the door of the oven, the dog was known to co-owned with Yekaterina’s ex-boyfriend. Vyatcheslav allegedly told her not to share the snap with her ex.

She explained: “He asked me not to share this photo, but I did, in our chat.”

But when her new boyfriend found the photo was sent and shared to the ex boyfriend, he snapped and attacked the 24 year old.

Vyatcheslav allegedly poured acid on her and set her on fire. He also stopped Yekaterina from removing her burning clothes off.

“I was trying to take it off, but he held me. Only later did he turn on the shower and put out the flames.”, the girl stated.

He then asked her to lay down the floor and refused from getting medical assistance for 2 hours.

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