HS Athletes Charged In Brutal Hazing Involving Traumatic Sexual Assaults

Several La Vernia High School students were arrested on campus in connection with hazing incidents that involved very disturbing sexual assaults on several students.

According to police reports, the La Vernia Police Department received “an outcry of hazing involving high school student athletes.” Police then launched an investigation after the results of the interviews “confirmed evidence (that) a crime had been committed” where in several affected students “gave forensic interviews with the Children’s Alliance of South Texas.”.

Nine people are allegedly facing charges after they were part of a lurid hazing scandal that involved members of the town high school’s football, basketball, and baseball teams. The horrid sexual assaults involve baseball bats, bottles, and pipes to commit the alleged crimes.

While authorities are not releasing details of the alleged crimes, one concerned mother told media outlets that a gang of boys held down her son and other boys, and forced foreign objects into their rectums.

Investigation is still on going and there are possible more arrest to be made.

Read More: http://rollingout.com/2017/03/29/sports-peer-pressure-and-perversion-students-charged-in-brutal-sex-assaults/

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