Parents Lets Their 9yo Daughter Drive For Them Because They Were Too Drunk To Drive [VIDEO]

Amanda Eggert and her boyfriend Jason Roth are both arrested after letting a 9 year old drive their pickup truck because both adults were intoxicated. Eggert’s daughter was assigned as designated driver to bring her mother and her boyfriend home.

Captain Stephen Smith, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s department, said it is indeed a miracle that no one got hurt, especially when there was also an 11 month old toddler in the truck.

According to reports, officers responded to the incident after other road drivers reported seeing the truck swerving along a rural road near Amery. The responding officers found the truck at a boat launch along the Apple River. It was in drive and rolling backwards toward the ice.

“At which time the deputy was able to jump in the vehicle and place it in park and secure the vehicle,” Smith recalled.

The officers made a stop at Amery Hospital, before taking the adults to jail, where the children’s mother continued to swear, as well as physically assault them.

When questioned as to why was a 9 year old in charge of driving a pickup truck, they simply answered “she was practicing her driving”

“[Children] used to in the 1950s,”, Eggert said to the deputies as if it was to justify their actions.

Both adults, Eggert and Roth, now face felony charges for recklessly endangering safety and child neglect while the 9 year old girl and her baby sibling have been placed with other family members.

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