SHOCKING: An Unidentified Little Creature Was Spotted by Local Motorcycle Riders [VIDEO]

An incredulous incident featuring a small unidentified creature was caught on camera by a group of motorcycle riders and is now circulating online.

The incident took place in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

According to reports, the group of motorcycle riders was wandering around a dirt trail in a forest in Banda Aceh when a small creature suddenly jumped from a tree.

Out of shock, one of the men on the motorcycle fell off. The incident was recorded on video and shared on the Youtube channel FredoGraphy.

In the video, the strange creature was also evidently surprised and ran away from the group. The man with the camera tried to follow it but failed. The little creature disappeared amidst the tall grass.

Many locals who have seen the video believed that it was a member of the ‘Mante Triba’, a local urban legend of Indonesia.

“Indonesia has many urban legend story, little human is one of them. it’s real but not everyone could meet them. because they are just affraid with us. and they live inside forest arround Indonesia,” said one Youtube user.

However, some also claimed that the video is fake and edited.


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