49 Year Old Mike Tyson On The Heavy Bag Is Still A Terrifying Sight To Behold [VIDEO]

Utter the words “Mike Tyson” and you immediately conjure images of some of the most savage knockouts in human history in people’s minds.

“Iron” Mike Tyson has always been known for his blistering hands inside the ring. Tyson racked up 50 wins in his 58 fights, scoring 44 knockouts over his career.

 Unfortunately, the man who was a nightmare for anyone in the ring between 1985 and 2005 has fallen on hard times. Packing on some pounds after a DUI in 2006, “Iron Mike” ended up in an inpatient program to enable him to recover from his addiction issues. The veteran boxer was given twenty-four hours in jail, three-hundred and sixty hours of community service and three years of probation to complete on his journey to rehabilitation.

Stepping up to the heavy bag while filming a commercial for the MMA brand ProLast, Tyson gave a brief demonstration of the power he is still capable of. Teeing off on the ProLast heavy bag, Tyson showed why he was one of the most feared boxers ever, and why he’s still the last guy you would ever want to meet in a dark alley.

There’s a fair chance that Mike Tyson could probably still hang with a lot of professional boxers now. Heavy hands seem to be the last thing to go in an aging boxer, and Tyson’s cinderblocks were the heaviest. He still shows a lot of his old form, and you can see glimpses of the classic Mike Tyson footwork as he doles out some punishment to the heavy bag.

If the UFC ever ends up making a legends division, Tyson would be one of the first people I’d want to see in the octagon. Even though he would just bring his boxing to the table, you can imagine he would still be able to hang with some of the best if he could develop a decent level of takedown defense.


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