Boyfriend Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend And Sets Her On Fire Because She Didn’t Want An Abortion [VIDEO]

Steven Capobianco was sentenced by Judge Joseph Cardoza to life in prison with the possibility of parole, after authorities handling the case brought close to one of the most high-profile murder cases in Hawaii.

Capobianco was allegedly found guilty of murdering Scott and was also convicted of second-degree arson for burning Scott’s vehicle. The suspect killed his girlfriend and his own son because he didn’t want to be tied to Scott as her child’s father.  She was five months pregnant when she disappeared from the island of Maui in 2014.

When Scott got pregnant, Capobianco had another girlfriend so insisted on an abortion but she decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Scott continued to love him, “even though she knew he didn’t care about her,” Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rivera said.

Capobianco, however, didn’t testify during his trial. He also declined to speak at his sentencing hearing.

The Hawaii Paroling Authority will still determine how many years Capobianco must serve before being eligible for parole but Maui Prosecuting Attorney John “J.D.” Kim said he was rather disappointed with the judge’s findings but professionally understood the reasoning.


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