33yr Old Man Asked Where His Girlfriend Went, Ended In A Gruesome Attack

A 33 year old man was taken to the hospital after his girlfriend, 32, attacked him and bit his testicles off. The couple were said to have fallen out when the woman got home a day late from church.

Investigation say the man said he demanded to know where his girlfriend was after coming home from church. A senior police said the couple exchanged harsh words. The woman, who refused to answer her boyfriend’s question, attacked him and bit his testicles off. He was then sent to Gumare Primary Hospital where he underwent sugery for severe injuries to his testicles.

“She tore and left the testicles hanging. He is very lucky cos she nearly cut them off from the body.”, an attending doctor said.

The gruesome attack happened in Samuchima, Botswana. The suspect is charged with grievious bodily harm.

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