After Waking Up From A Nap, She Checks Security Camera. INSTANTLY Turns White As A Ghost

One evening Laura Lucas was so tired, she fell asleep on the couch. But when she woke up later that night, she realized something strange – a burglar had broken into her home.

An attractive young woman broke into the home and crept around the house stealing things she wanted.

During the theft, which was captured on Laura’s CCTV, we can see the woman tip-toeing around and standing in front of Laura’s sleeping body. During the encounter, the thief looked at all of the woman’s possessions inside her Miami home.

The thief was so bold, she even walked past Laura to get to another room and steal more stuff. Check out the shocking footage for yourself!

The burglar, who is a tall, pretty woman, snooped around and eventually left with Laura’s cash, jewelry, and her expensive watch.

“That’s when she went down, found the wallet and the cash, stuck it here, then picked up my watch,” Lucas said.

After rifling through her bag, the thief walked out and stopped at the counter. She checked inside a side door and then looked closer before walking out.

During the incident, Laura’s dog did nothing to stop the intruder.

After waking up and realizing that her stuff had been stolen, Laura examined the footage – and that’s when she realized that someone had been lurking around her and her home.

“I looked at the video and that’s when I saw what happened,” Laura said to Local10.

Although the visitor was inside the home – and she was a stranger – Laura’s dog failed to bark and wake up his owner. Instead, Cooper, the dog, followed the burglar around, doing nothing expect jumping up on his hind legs to greet the intruder.

“She left and then the dog came to see what she was doing,” Laura said. “And then she came back and he jumped up to say hello.”

Because the crook realized that Cooper the dog was harmless and was not even going to bark, she became more brazen. She even came back into the house and grabbed the keys to Laura’s Audi that was parked in the driveway.

Laura no longer can sleep in her home and was left shaken at the close call. She is haunted by the fact that this woman was able to stand above her while she slept…

“I could not sleep the first night,” Lucas said. “I barely slept the next night.”

Readers are Daily Mail are shocked by the footage, sharing:

“For starters, how about just locking your doors and windows,” wrote one reader from Dallas.

“CCTV is not intended to record your murder. If you don’t have an alarm system with motion detectors you aren’t protected at all. And get a house dog that hates everyone except yourself.”

“That dog is not normal. I have two Yorkies and they would have chewed that woman’s leg off. Yorkies are notorious for being protective and yappy. That one evidently didn’t get the memo.”

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