Alarming: Family Went Out To Celebrate Birthday Ends Up Bringing Kids To Hospital After Drinking Apple Juice

A 10-year-old boy and his four-year-old half sister were admitted to intensive care in Pennsylvania last week after drinking apple juice at a restaurant that is thought to have been contaminated with a caustic substance.


Richie Zaragoza turned 10 years old on Friday, March 3, 2017. In celebration of the milestone, Richie’s mom, Virginia Davis, her brother-in-law, Luis Mercado, and all four of her children—Richie, Ginaya, Miguel Mercado and Anthony Mercado—all went out for dinner at Star Buffet & Grill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The children’s mother Virgina Davis said Ginaya started vomiting shortly after drinking the apple juice, while Richie threw up blood, screaming: “It burns, it burns.”  Virginia’s brother-in-law took a sip of the apple juice and said it tasted acidic before spitting out blood.

The children were rushed to Hershey Medical Center, where they were treated for severe burns of the mouth and throat. Initial tests found traces of methanol. This can occur naturally in fruit juices but may prove deadly if taken in high doses.

The restaurant manager, Steve Weng, said the juice had been bought from a local supermarket – police are investing.

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