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Amazon’s Alexa Was Asked If She Is Connected To The CIA, Then Things Get WEIRD [VIDEO]

With the CIA’s ability to ‘breach almost anything connected to the internet’ made public, many citizens have begun questioning their devices.

A clip has surfaced showing an anonymous woman asking Amazon‘s Alexa a series of questions – starting with ‘would you lie to me’ and finishing with ‘Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?’

The virtual assistant swiftly responded to the first question, but shutdown after it was interrogated about its connections with the US government agency. The video was spotted on Reddit Thursday and has since been sweeping the web. contacted Amazon to discuss the issue, which noted that it was a glitch.

‘This was a technical glitch which we have fixed,’ an Amazon spokesperson told ‘Alexa’s response to this question is: Are you connected to the CIA?’ ‘No, I work for Amazon.

In the clip, a woman is standing over an Echo Dot and asks ‘Alexa, would you lie to me?’ The virtual assistant responds, ‘I always try to tell the truth’. ‘I am not always right, but I would never intentionally lie to you or anyone else’.

The woman asks it a second question – ‘what is the CIA?’ Alexa swiftly responds with ‘the Unites States Central Intelligence Agency, CIA’. However, this is when the video takes a dark turn.


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