Guy Beats Girlfriend To Death Because He Thought Their Baby Didn’t Look Like Him

Morgan Banks, 18, is jailed for life for the brutal murder of his girlfriend in October 2016. Banks wrongly suspected his girlfriend, Sophie Smith, for having an affair with his brother and cousin because he believed their newborn didn’t look like him. He beat the mother of his child while asking out a false confession from her for names of the “guys she was sleeping with”.

Smith suffered 11 broken ribs, a broken eye socket, broken nose and bruises all over her body during the four hour ordeal that happened in West Yorkshire, England. Doctors said the injuries were similar to that of victims who experienced a high speed car crash or a fall from an extreme height. Smith, who gave birth to a boy six weeks before the assault then went into a coma before she died.


During an interview, Banks admitted to kicking his girlfriend in the head, ribs and head-butting her. He pleaded guilty to murder, causing bodily harm and failure to surrender, jailing him for life with a minimum of 17 years. The assailant first appeared in court at age 11 has since had 30 convictions for 49 offenses.

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