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Gym-goer’s Worst Fear Comes True

Since when is it okay for a person to be shamed for trying to improve themselves? Shaming a “fat” person while they’re at the gym is the equivalent of shaming a cancer patient for going through chemo treatment or a homeless person applying for a job. It makes absolutely no sense. Clearly the person saw their issue, and is striving to change that. They should be applauded for such efforts, not ridiculed and made fun of.

One popular London bodybuilder, Diana Andrews, took it upon herself to take a picture of a woman on a treadmill at her gym, and post it to all of her followers with the caption “Love Handles”. She then made a comment saying that the woman in the picture was on her phone at the time, and was probably ordering burgers for after the gym.

This is supposed to be a woman who is seen as an inspiration – a role model. Instead of helping to give this woman some tips on weight loss she may know, since she’s a professional herself. Instead she decides to degrade the woman publicly to her many followers. thankfully many of her followers reacted negatively to this disgusting act. I would never support a woman who’s as disgusting of person as Diana Andrews.

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Fit Woman Snaps Photo Of Stranger On Treadmill, Then Mocks Her ‘Love Handles’

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