Here Is Why A 46yr Old Man Was Arrested For Throwing Snow Balls

Michael Torres, 46-year-old from Aspen, was arrested for throwing bloody snowballs at his girlfriend’s window, according to court documents.

Torres was busted in Aspen on suspicion of harassment, domestic violence and violating a protection order for repeatedly hurling the projectiles at his girlfriend’s window.


The woman discovered what she described as “bloody snow caked in the window screens,” and Deputy Turner spotted a small table under the roof near another patch of fresh blood that may have been Torres’s staging area.

The incident began when Torres’ girlfriend called emergency dispatchers and reported that he was throwing snowballs at the window of her apartment on Aspen’s east side, documents state.

By the time a county sheriff’s deputy responded, the snowball throwing had stopped, but the deputy located a fresh set of footprints in the snow near the woman’s apartment.

“I followed the footprints to the backyard, down a steep embankment and across a small creek near the back of the residence,” Deputy Ryan Turner wrote in the affidavit. “While following the footprints, I observed what appeared to be fresh blood in the snow.”

The footprints ended near a vehicle in a nearby parking lot.

“I looked under the vehicle and found Torres hiding underneath (it),” the affidavit states. “Torres stated to me that he was sleeping.”

Torres also was arrested less than a year ago for harassment after allegedly climbing onto a second-story balcony and peering into a bedroom where his ex-wife and their three children were sleeping, court documents state. Hours after he was taken into custody, Torres was released on a $1,000 bond

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