Instead of Ticketing Him This Officer Did The Most Compassionate Act, He will Never Forget [WATCH]

LaVonte Dell’s heart drooped to his stomach the moment he saw police lights flashing behind him. The 28-year-old father was driving with his 3-year-old daughter in the backseat, when Officer Joshua Scaglione pulled him over.

For Dell, this was one of the worst things that could have happened to him. Struggling financially to feed himself and raise a child, a ticket was the last thing Dell needed. He instantly knew he was going to get a costly ticket the moment Officer Scaglione stopped him.

But what happened next completely caught him off guard.

“The officer told me why he pulled me over, which I had predicted, and then he also noticed my 3-year-old in the back wasn’t in a car seat. He asked me to step out of my vehicle to talk to him, and I was just so scared thinking this couldn’t be good.”

Then, Officer Scaglione did something unexpected. Rather than issue Dell a ticket (his windows were too tinted), he asked Dell to follow him to Walmart. Dell was shocked by the remark, but he obliged.

Officer Scaglione proceeded to purchase a car seat for Dell’s 3-year-old daughter. He wanted her to be safe while his father drove.

“He purchased one for me, and it was pink, which is my daughter’s favorite color,” Dell says. “It has butterflies and she loves it.”

What an awesome gesture by Officer Scaglione! It’s heartwarming to see such compassionate men and women wearing blue.

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