Man Brutally Murdered Girlfriend, Places Her Head In The Freezer While Dumping The Rest Of Her Body In Trash

Somoire Moises, a 40 year old pimp, dismembered her girlfriend’s body after brutally killing her. The suspect was arraigned and charged with second degree murder and one count of concealment of a human corpse at Brooklyn Supreme Court by Justice Matthew D’emic. He was ordered held without bail and is facing a lifetime of imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years once convicted.


Leondra Foster, 32, suffered a blunt force trauma to the head which was the main cause of her untimely death. Her torso and other dismembered remains was found in a waste station at 287 Halleck Street in Bronx at 4:45AM. Additional human remains such as her head and feet were discovered from a freezer in the suspect’s residence at 185 Erasmus Street where she resided.

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