Mom Gets An Unexpected Note And A Free Pancake From A Stranger & She’s Left In Tears, Here’s Why

New mom, Isabelle Ames, is out for breakfast with her 10-month-old baby, Charlotte, on her own. As all moms know, eating out with a child can always be a gamble especially if you’re alone. There’s running around the resto, the meltdowns, and the judging looks we get from strangers trying to enjoy a good meal.

When her 10-month-old got hungry, as most babies do, Ames started breastfeeding her inside the resto.

“It went okay, but lately it’s been extra difficult,” Isabelle recalled. “She has a total of 6 teeth now, and we have both been sick for a week.”

Breastfeeding in public, especially nowadays, is a struggle to some of our moms that are practicing. It can cause concern for some people and can cause misunderstandings when it gets addressed the wrong way. Breastfeeding a teething child while being mindful of the people around you can be a lot of work.

As the new mom continues to feed her child and keep the public at ease, she noticed the waitress coming her way. The worried mother instantly lit up when the waitress handed her a note that comes along with a pancake.

Isabelle Ames Instagram

“My server came over and said, “this pancake is from me, to you. Here is a little note to explain why.” She then began to tell me how “us mommas gotta look out for each other”.”

Erica, the server, noticed the new mom struggling from multitasking and handed her the free pancake and sweet note that says “Thank you for breastfeeding here! Much love and respect!!!” as a token of support for a fellow mom.

“Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I have done, next to labor. No one prepares you for it, but everyone expects you to be excellent at it. You feel like a complete failure when it doesn’t happen right away.”, said Ames on her Instagram post dedicated to the sweet moment.

“For a complete stranger to see me, and say “thank you”. I felt like she was there on my journey the whole time, and she knew how many times I wanted to give up but I didn’t. So often, before I feed Charlotte in public I get a twinge of fear.”

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of love, kindness and pancake!


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