Mother Shoved A Crucifix And Religious Medallion Down Her Daughter’s Throat

Juanita Gomez, 49, attacked her 31 year old daughter because she believed her to be possessed by the devil.

Frankie Merlos found his girlfriend, Geneva Gomez, lying on the floor with her face almost unrecognizable.  Merlos who frantically tried to leave heard Juanita mumbling “devil” and “money” and also tried to prevent him from calling the police.

Geneva Gomez

According to investigations, Gomez forcefully shoved a crucifix and a religious medallion down her daughter’s throat, beating her to “get the evil out of her” and then watch her die. She then admitted to arranging her daughter’s body in a form of a cross.

Gomez was arrested and charged with second degree murder and was held in Oklahoma County Jail without bond. The 49 year old has also spent time in jail on gun and drug related charges and was convicted on a drug trafficking and gun possession charge and did a 10 year suspended sentence.

People who knew the mother and daughter were shocked of the terrible news because they seemed to have a close relationship. “They do their nails, they do their hair, they do (everything) together”, Merlos recalled.

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