One Woman’s Road To Recovery After Horrific Acid Attack [WATCH]



Kanwal Qayyum, a 29 year old Pakistani woman, was dramatically changed when a jealous girlfriend, bitter that Kanwal was moving up with her and life doused her with sulphuric acid as she slept.

With the assault burning off the woman’s nose and facial features, surgeons soon figured out the process of ‘painstakingly’ rebuilding the young mother’s features.

Asim Shahmalak from the UK’s Manchester, who recently returned to Karachi to inspect previous surgery efforts. He created new eyebrows and new eyelashes for Kanwal using hair taken from the back of her scalp, while other surgeons completely rebuilt her nose using tissue from her thigh.


Before the surgery, she had to use a black marker to give the impression that she still had eyebrows.

Dr Shahmalak usually performs these operations on women in the UK who have wrecked their brows or lashes through over-plucking or misusing false eyelashes. He has also operated on Calum Best, Googlebox star Christ Steed and Dr Christian Jenson from Embarrassing Bodies.

Kanwal, now planning fresh surgery on her nose, said: ‘I cannot thank Dr Shahmalak enough – he has completely transformed my face and I love my new eyebrows and new eyelashes.’

Acid like the kind used to attack her can be bought for as little as 15p a bottle in the streets near her home with no questions asked.



He spent £50,000 of his own money helping Kanwal and five other women on a previous trip two years ago – one of whom was attacked with acid after turning down a man’s marriage proposal.

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