People Are Furious At The Sentence A Man That Raped 3yr Was Served

Charles Lee Sadler, 35, is currently making the headlines and causing an outrage from people online after allegedly assaulting a 3 year old sexually and not receiving the proper judgement.

According to the reports, the 35 year old is supposed to be babysitting the 3 year old when he brought her to a nearby garage and sexually assaulted her. Fortunately, a concerned citizen witnessed the horrible and vile act and quickly dialed 911. The woman was driving down an alley and followed the suspect until the authorities arrived and arrested him.

After committing a sickening crime, Sadler was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 10 years but people are raving about it, expressing their dismay through social media.


  • “What a POS!! I feel terrible for the witness that saw him raping this poor child too. That is not something one could ever erase from their memory! This kind of crap makes me want to puke! Oh, and become a vigilante sniper!”


  • “At least 10 years seriously?! So he can get out and do it again and do worse! This makes me sick! I hope something gets changed in our justice system to keep these filthy criminals behind bars FOREVER or dead”


  • “Thats should be a LIFE WITH NO PAROLE. What it should actually be is a stoning. He should suffer! I hope he gets repeatedly raped in prison!!! Its sad this day in age a child rapist gets a light sentence but dope boy down the street gets life with no parole”


He has also been classified as a Tier III sex offender, and if he is ever released from prison, Sadler will be required to register with the local Sheriff every 90 days for the rest of his life.

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