Shocking Video Shows The Dangers EVERY Child Faces Walking Home Alone: PSA



Children are our pride and joy, and as parents, we do whatever we can to protect them. We teach our children to never accept candy or gifts from a stranger, but that is no longer foolproof. Child kidnappers and abductors getting more clever, and they are refining their approach. It’s important that your children know exactly what to do in any potentially dangerous situation. In the video below, a little girl was walking home from school when a normal-looking woman pulls up with a van. She doesn’t look dangerous or all, and the little girl is unsuspecting. The woman then yells at the little girl and explains to her that something tragic has happened to her parents.

The video below provides valuable child safety tips that are a must-know for any child and parent. You never know when these real life tips will come in handy.

“Your dad is in the hospital! Your mom sent me to come and get you!” Realizing the gravity of the situation, the little girl quickly jumps into the woman’s car. Situations like this happen every day, and it’s important that your children are aware.

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