Teens Viciously Assault Elderly Man And Post It On Facebook, Then They Get A Knock At The Door [VIDEO]

In Syracuse, New York, a 62-year-old man approached two teenagers who were trespassing on his property and asked them to leave. Unwilling to listen to him, the teenage girls started assaulting the man on his own lawn while a third videotaped the attack.

Proud of how they had treated their elderly, they posted the video of the attack on social media. But 62-year-old Gary Martin had already called the police and reported the assault. He claimed that he saw teens hanging out near a car he was trying to sell and asked them to leave. In response, they began attacking him – and as you’ll see his side of the story holds up when compared to the video evidence.

In the clip, four girls stand on the man’s grass, while Martin, who uses a cane, asks them to leave. He is talking to one teen dressed in jeans and a red tank-top, when she suddenly smacks the elderly man in the face.

What happens next is disgraceful…

After assaulting the man on his own property, she runs away. Martin, angered by having been struck, follows her out onto the street. But because he is in poor health, he is not quick. The young girl then grabs Martin, spins him around and makes his hat fall off.

Martin disoriented by the surprise attack, raises his cane and then falls flat onto his face on the pavement.

Fortunately, Martin was able to rise to his feet immediately, having not broken any bones. He then tries to continue to chase the teens, but they were too fast for him.

While the assault was conducted by two girls, bystanders are heard laughing at Martin as the teens abuse him.

Martin was lucky enough to only suffer a bruised eye from the attack.

 Because the abusers posted the video publicly to Facebook, the Syracuse police were able to apprehend the abusers and arrest them. Two teen girls, ages 14 and 15, were charged with third-degree assault.

When the mother of one of the girls heard what happened, she was outraged. She apologized to Martin, stating that her daughter’s behavior was out of line. And she was planning to punish her after she was released from custody.

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