This Mother Was Shocked To Find 132pound Tumor Was Cause Of Ballooning Weight Gain [WATCH]

The tumor left her greatly disadvantaged – she could no longer enjoy her everyday life.Her daughters, out of fright and concern for their mother, brought her to the Cabo San Lucas IMMS hospital for a medical examination.
Doctors discovered that Talamantes’s ovaries were where the tumor stemmed from – if left untreated, Talamantes’s life would be in grave danger. The tumor weighed and clocked in at a staggering 132 pounds – needless to say, that was the reason why Talamantes experienced a truckload of problems! It had ranged from breathing to even mobility difficulties! It was a 4-hour long surgery for Talamantes to have the tumor removed.
Talamantes’s reconstructive surgery was successful – she has now regained proper and full control of her once-delicate abdominals!


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