Video Of Mom Brutally Beating Son Goes Viral On Facebook: “It Was No Big Deal”

A Milwaukee woman is facing serious child abuse charges after authorities discovered a video on Facebook that apparently showed her beating a little boy.

According to CBS 58, a Milwaukee Police Department detective investigated the incident after a video of the attack was shared on Facebook.

Authorities say the shocking video showed an adult female striking a young boy with a belt on his bare buttocks about 29 times before the cruel woman finally stopped.

According to CBS 58, the woman in the video has since been identified as Jealissa McKinney-Williams, and the boy in the clip is her young son.

A criminal complaint states that the video starts with a boy facing toward a bed with his pants pulled down.

McKinney-Williams can reportedly be seen standing next to her son with a belt in her hands as she screams, “I swear to god I am going to kick you through this F*ing wall. I’m not going to go chasing you around this room. I suggest you not move, I am going to F* your A* up if you do.”

The unstoppable mom then begins striking her son with a folded belt, only backing down once she has already hit him nearly 30 times.

According to CBS 58, the victim can then be seen falling to the ground and crying hysterically.

The video reportedly ends with the mother asking her terrified son, “do you want me to sit on your back?”

After the little boy begs his mother not to sit on him, she reportedly hits him one more time while he cries.

Authorities say the video reportedly shows McKinney-Williams sitting on her son’s back with one of her legs over his head as she strikes him with the belt.

Although the boy desperately tries to break free, he is unable to move until his mother finally lets him go.

The victim, who was 10 years old at the time of the vicious beating, reportedly told police that the belt came from his mother’s sister.

According to police, the video lasts for more than two minutes.

McKinney-Williams has since told police that she has been whooping her children for more than a year and sees absolutely nothing wrong with it.

According to CBS 58, doctors found more than 40 looped and linear injuries all over the victim’s body during a medical examination.

McKinney-Williams is now facing child abuse charges after what she did to her son.

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