WhatsApp Killer Arrested After Killing A 9yr Old: “He Was Just Killing For The Thrill” [WATCH]

Marcel Hesse, 19, is accused of two murders after sharing a video of him killing of a nine-year-old boy on WhatsApp, said the police. Hesse is understood to have taken photos on the WhatsApp platform and online chat rooms as well. He had been on the run for four days, alerted police to a burning flat nearby where they found a second body of a man identified only as 22-year-old Christopher W soon after he was arrested.

Police launched a huge manhunt for  Hesse, who is believed to have killed for kicks. He gave himself up on Thursday night by going into a fast-food outlet in his home town and told staff: “I’m the man they are looking for.”

Cops said Hesse then told them about a blazing building nearby, where it is believed he had been hiding. Police described him as a ‘brutal killer’ and said he had admitted both crimes.

The teenager is believed to have taken shocking video and photos of 9yr old’s murder before posting it on the ‘dark web’ of the Internet and going on the run sparking a massive police manhunt.



Suspects in Germany are identified only by their first name and the first letter of their surname because of the country’s strict privacy laws but unlike in many other criminal cases in the country, the suspect was fully named in German media as a police hunt got underway.

Hesse, was revealed to have been rejected by the German Bundeswehr army for service because he was too unstable.

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