People HORRIFIED As They Watch Dolphin Slaughtered In The Street



Shocking photos have gone viral on Chinese social media showing what appears to be a baby Chinese white dolphin that has been cut up into pieces by fishermen with its head and body parts preserved in blood-soaked boxes on the street.
The disturbing images have ignited an uproar and sparked a police investigation in Zhuhai. Police say that they have collected the remains of the dolphin’s body, and have issued a summons for three suspects in connection with the incident.

Experts say that the dismembered dolphin is most likely a young Chinese white dolphin — an endangered species that is under first-class state protection in China. The Chinese white dolphin lives in the Pearl River Delta where it has seen its population severely threatened because of pollution and poaching.

The images have stirred up widespread anger online with Weibo users demanding that authorities do a better job of protecting aquatic endangered wildlife and prosecute the fishermen responsible for this crime. One netizen writes that instead of dolphin, these fishermen will be “eating prison food” for years.

[Images via NetEase]

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