Bakers Thrown In Jail After Making Baking Mistake [VIDEO]


The local government has recently established a law which now requires 90% of the country’s wheat to be used in loaves rather than cakes or any other sweet pastries since Venezuela does not produce its own flour and imports are bought by the government before being distributed among the local bakeries.

Four bakers  were arrested after allegedly baking brownies instead of plain breads.

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro sent inspectors and soldiers into more than 700 bakeries around the capital this week to enforce the new rule. According to reports, two men were arrested as their bakery was using too much wheat in sweet bread, ham-filled croissants and other products and another two bakers were detained for making brownies.

The new rule was implemented combat shortages and long lines for basic products that have characterised Venezuela’s economic crisis over the last three years but breadmakers blame the government for a national shortage of wheat, saying 80% of establishments have none left in stock.

Local bakers are making an appeal that selling regular breads alone will not help them make ends meet without selling higher-priced products.

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