Doctor Accused Of Sexual Abuse Says It’s Impossible Because He Is To Fat

Dr. Rodion Andrew Kunynetz, a local dermatologist in Toronto, was accused of sexually abusing his patients by pressing his genitals against their legs during a course of an examination. One patient had also testified that  she sexually abused by the dermatologist when he has put his hands inside her bra and fondled her breasts without justification for a breast examination in the patient’s chart.

Kunynetz had defended himself by saying  it was impossible for his genitalia to come into contact with the legs of the patients as a fold of abdominal fat covered all or part of his genitals due to his overall body obesity.

The accusations of the genitalia contact could not be proved but it was later determined there was contact with the doctor’s abdomen and was not followed by any form of warning, apology or excuse which amounts to disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct. Kunynetz was also found guilty of disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct for moving or removing two patients’ clothing without “proper warning or medical explanation.” It was also found that Kunynetz had seen two patients alone after he had signed an undertaking to see female patients only in the presence of a chaperone.

Kunynetz was previously charged by Barrie Police with two counts of sexual assault, alleging he committed sexual assaults in early November 1998 and again in 2011.

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