Young Teen Has A Lifelong Dream Come True [VIDEO]

Some of us were lucky enough to have a furry best friend from the time we were young all through ought our lives. Some of us were able to beg enough to get one while we were young, yet old enough to ask such a thing and be taken seriously. Some of us, however, didn’t get so lucky and were never able to have that furry best friend we always wanted. This story takes you inside one home where a mother is finally able to achieve that goal for her teenage son who’s been dreaming of getting a dog for years. He excitedly receives his Corgi Puppy in the video down below!

Inside the video we see the boy sitting in the car thinking he’s going out to eat with his mom in Colorado Springs. She fired up her camera and took a video of her asking her son questions on where he thinks they’re going and why they are where they are. While this is all going on, a woman pulls up next to them in the Pet smart parking lot that they’re parked in. The look of pure excitement on the teenagers face makes this video so heartwarming and excited as we get to take a look inside these people’s lives for just a few moments and share a lifelong dream with someone we don’t even know.

Before we’re bombarded with questions, it’s been confirmed that the mother did everything very legally and the woman who sold her the puppy is a licensed breeder in the Colorado Springs area and has been breeding animals legally for over 30 years.

Full story at Daily Mail

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