Mother Locked Daughter In Chicken Coop And Made Her Wear A Shock Collar



Diana Franklin  was arrested and given a sentence of 190 years in prison for child-cruelty charges after investigators said she locked up her adopted daughter in a chicken coop, tied her by the neck to a tree, and shocked her using remote-controlled electronic dog collars.

According to reports, Franklin adopted the girl in 2007 when she was 10 years old. Social workers removed the girl from the home in Taylor County in 2012.

The woman even tried to justify her acts of abuse towards the unidentified victim when she was given a handbook on jail policies stating one rule said

“Orders or instructions given to you by jail officers — parents — are official orders and must be obeyed promptly,” she said. “If an order seems to be unjust, obey first, then object at a later time. Rules must be obeyed regardless how unjust they are thought to be. You will be expected to obey orders immediately without any insolence or resistance whatsoever.”

In which she fiercely said “This is a prime example of a healthy parent-child relationship.”

The abuse Franklin inflicted on her adoptive daughter was limiting her to food and sometimes clothing, had her spend the night in various outbuildings that included a chicken coop and an outhouse, beat the naked child with a belt buckle, tying her like a dog by the neck to a tree, and shocking her with remote-controlled electronic collars meant for dog training.

She denied all allegations and said she never locked her adopted daughter in outbuildings and it was her adoptive daughter who chose to stay outside the two-bedroom house their family shared. But prosecutors then called her attention to her journal entries that confirms all abuse accusations were true.

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