Woman Asks Friend To Babysit Her Daughter, But Her Trust Was Misplaced

Danielle L. Turner, 25, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 3-year-old goddaughter Latrice Walden.

According to reports,  Turner was asked to watch over the child at her Chamberlayne Avenue home because her friend, Nikki Brown, had recently given birth. Turner and Latrice’s mother, Brown, have known each other for over a decade.

Turner had initially claimed Latrice slipped and fell in bathtub. When she fell, Turner said, the child hit her head on the faucet. Authorities said she called 911 about Latrice’s condition more than six hours later and left her unconscious for that long. The 3 year old was then taken to VCU Medical Center, where she died.

The autopsy report says Latrice died from blunt-force trauma to the head. The medical examiner detailed more than 80 bruises and lacerations on the child’s face, arms and legs.

Turner’s attorney requested a mental evaluation for Turner and the Court ruled she was not competent to stand trial and ordered Central State hospital to receive treatment.

40 years in prison awaits her once she is sentenced.

Source: Daily Mail

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