Guard Offers A Homeless Man And His Son A Life Changing Offer [VIDEO]

It’s not everyday that we get to see and witness a heartwarming story such as this. There are also a few things you can normally expect to see at a Waffle House: piping hot cheese-steak melts, crispy hash browns – and of course, stacks of syrup-covered, fluffy waffles. But some people are made out of pure intentions and good heart that shakes and rattles up the “ordinary”.

A waffle house security guard, Amen Webster had been on duty at the local waffle house when he saw a man and along with a little boy entered the establishment he is working at.

“I’m looking at the little boy, and he’s shivering and cold and everything.”, Amen explained.

Amen admits that he has experienced being homeless before and he usually knows when one person is as he “can see it a mile away”. When he noticed an very familiar pain on the father’s face, Amen took the courage to sit down with the father and his son to ask about their situation.

Lamont Hammond and his 8-year-old son Monte were unfortunately in a situation which most of us are very fortunate enough to never have to face as they found themselves homeless, and living on the street, trying to survive with very little to no resources at all.

The anxious and worried father who is struggling to provide for his son, stopped into the nearby Waffle House in the hopes of figuring out what he and his son would do next.

“I was homeless by myself. I could survive the street on my own. But, it comes down to the child – it was a totally different game for me.” Lamont said, “I was trying to get a hotel for me and my son to stay in, but all the hotel rooms were too expensive. I was really stressed out. I don’t want to see my little boy in the street.”

Luckily for the father and son, Amen was in the right place and at the right time. After hearing about their situation, Amen excused himself to ask his restaurant manager for a quick break from his shift.

Amen taking a leap of faith said, “I just trusted in the Lord and decided I would let them stay with me.”

He then drove the father and son to his two bedroom apartment, providing them a place to rest and stay for as long as necessary while he went back straight to work. Lamont is currently employed and has plans of getting back onto his feet as soon as possible.

This random acts of kindness is something everyone should be reminded of since kindness seems to be what the world needs now.

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