Man Discovers Strange Tree Covered In Coins, Then Learns The Bizarre Reason They’re There

If you want to make a wish, a common featĀ is to throw a coin into a fountain or a wishing well. But not for Britain! In certain parts of Britain like the Scottish highlands or near Liverpool, there is an unique way to make your wish upon a coin!

In these parts, there are tree barks completely covered in old coins. To the locals, they are used for wishing like a wishing well!

After making a wish, the coins are hammered into the bark permanently!
Afterwards they are left there, with the hope of the wish being granted.
It was ancient tradition that ill people wished like this for a cure.
Should the coin be removed, it was belief that you would get the same illness!
Would you like to try this unique way of wishing instead of a fountain or well?

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