‘Sopranos’ Mobster’s Road Rage Is Captured On Victims Dash Cam While His Terrified Wife SCREAMS [VIDEO]

A New Jersey mobster pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court Monday to violating his parole after he was filmed stopping in the middle of a freeway to confront a driver in a road rage attack.

Jerry Balzano, an alleged member of the notorious DeCavalcante crime family that inspired HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’, was captured on dashcam footage last month cursing and threatening the other driver as the victim’s terrified wife called 911.

Balzano admitted in court Monday to ‘intentionally’ hitting the driver, the New York Post reports. The mobster, who was out on supervised release for racketeering conspiracy, now faces up to two years in jail for violating his release.

Dashcam footage shows Balzano slamming on the brakes, forcing the victims to come to a stop behind him on what appears to be the New York State Route 17. He is then seen climbing out of his car, and striding up to the driver’s side window, out of view of the camera.

‘You want to play f***ing games, you little c***sucker?,’ Balzano is heard asking aggressively. ‘You wanna play f***ing games? I’ll kick your f***ing head in you dirty scumbag.’

‘You want to cut me off like a tough guy?’ he adds.

The driver shouts for his wife to call 911 who makes a frantic call for help.

‘Someone is hitting my husband!’ she says, before a loud thud is heard. ‘Oh my gosh!’

‘Get out the f***ing car,’¬†Balzano demanded.

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