8yo Drove To McDonald’s With 4yo Sister, You’ll Never Guess How He Learned To Drive [VIDEO]

We people love unhealthy fast food as much as the next person does, but this eight-year-old Midwestern kid even puts our guilty pleasures and hangover cravings to shame. He was so committed to getting some good ‘ol cheeseburgers from the famous American fast food joint, that goes by the name of McDonald’s, that he allegedly waited for his parents to fall asleep before heading out to get some cheeseburger action. Just right after 8 in the evening, this fast food craving boy from Ohio grabbed his four-year-old sister and the keys to his father’s work vehicle before heading out of the front door, ready to get some of that good stuff.

Police Officer Koehler said the 8 year old child bravely drove over a mile far from his home with his little sister seated in the back of the van. This action-packed sibling journey took the 8-year-old through 4 intersections, over railroad tracks and also required him to make a few right hand turns and a left hand turn.

The moment this adventurous children arrived at the famous fast-food restaurant, this cute tandem pulled right up to the drive through and ordered theirselves meal which includes a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and French fries. The brother then paid for his meal with money he saved in his piggy bank. How cute is that?!

By chance, a family friend who happened to be eating at the same McDonald’s where these youngsters chose to satisfy their cravings fortunately identified them. The children’s grandparents were soon contacted who then notified police.

Even more astonishing is that the child didn’t hit anything while on his way to the fast-food joint. And his driving instructor? None other than our favorite “How To” go to, YouTube. Witnesses say he even drove better than many other people on the road as the 8 year old boy obeyed all traffic laws, stopping properly at red lights and waited for traffic to pass before making a turn,

On the other hand, no charges were filed against the children or their parents for the incident since there were no signs of neglect,

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