Man Steals Officer’s Uniform And Gun To Obtain Drugs

Johnny Ray Wilson, 34, a guest in the home of a former deputy with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is allegedly accused of stealing an old uniform from the retired officer in an attempt to get drugs at local pharmacies. It was also reported that the retired deputy’s vehicle that came along with his firearm was also stolen.

According to an arrest report from SRSO states that Johnny Ray Wilson, 34, who is listed as homeless from Milton, allegedly went to a Target store in Pace and asked a pharmacy employee for the drug Suboxone. The authorities handling the case say he wore a dark green deputy uniform and pointed to a badge in his notebook when the pharmacy employee asked for his credentials. The employee might have sense that there was something wrong and didn’t give Wilson the drug.

The arrest report and document also states that Wilson was captured on surveillance video at the Target shoplifting a pair of pants and a soda. It also alleges he attempted a similar drug buy at a Publix in Pace.

Investigators in charged tracked Wilson’s vehicle through the license plate identification database and discovered it belonged to the former Santa Rosa deputy. The arrest report noted Wilson took the former deputy’s firearm when he borrowed his car.

According to the Santa Rosa County Jail website, Wilson is being held on a host of charges including felony counts for grand theft, grand theft of firearm, impersonating a law enforcement officer, possession of a weapon by convicted felon, possession controlled substance, escape and driving on a permanently revoked license.

Wilson was arrested and is charged with impersonating an officer, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a weapon by a felon. He is being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail on a $76,500 bond.

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