Awful Way To Get Caught Cheating As Man And Married Woman Gets Stucked To Each Other During Sex [VIDEO]

A Bungoma man allegedly used a witchcraft charm to catch his cheating wife and her lover where they unfortunately got “stuck together” during sex. An unbelievably huge crowd gathered around the hotel where the two were caught.

“I went to Mama Kasimbila, who gave me medicine to make them get stuck. It has worked so well. I have caught them red-handed,” said the husband identified as Mike who spent Shu 3,000 for the “powerful charm”.

The husband told the crowd and the media outside the hotel in Chwele town.

The husband said the true were glued together for three hours and the only reason why it was resolved is because he used a second witch doctor’s charm to release them.

“I have been married to this woman for five years. I suspected she is cheating on me. On Saturday I asked help from Mama.”, he added.

Some of the residents approve of the ‘power’ of the alleged witch craft doctor, saying the lovers should serve as an example to all the other unfaithful couples.

“This woman has ridiculed the women of Bungoma. We want action to be taken against her,” a resident named Nancy Nasike said.

“This is a married woman. She is supposed to respect her husband. She has children too,” she added.

A video was captured showing the humiliated couple still naked and stuck together being shamelessly displayed through the streets, obviously rummaging to seek medical assistance.

As seen on the video, the cheating wife, who was trying to hide under a bed sheet, is with the man who seems unaffected while they were wheeled along on a wooden cart.

The couple had been having unlawful sex at a hotel called the Explor-Inn when the man found he could not separate from his married lover.

Word went round that a traditional doctor from Mombasa had been called to separate them.

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