Crazy Reason Why A Woman Killed Her Husband 1 Week After Their Wedding

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A newly married woman allegedly ended her husband’s life as she was upset of the fact that he was not handsome, according to different reports. The woman allegedly used a grinding stone to smash her husband’s head, eventually killing him.

The 22-year old woman who recently got married just about a week ago, unlawfully attacked her new husband fatally last night in their house after following of what seem to be a domestic quarrel.

The local authorities said the woman started had hating her unidentified husband, who is a wood sculptor in his mid-20s because her friends and relatives said he was not physically attractive and was obviously not a match for her.

After the alleged killing and although the woman came out and cried saying someone has murdered her husband, police after investigations result say she was responsible for the crime and arrested her on the charge of killing her husband.

But there is more to it than just that, a couple of online reports say there was indeed a possible and valid reason why the 22 year old newly married woman killed her husband.

The headline: “Newly married woman murders hubby fot not being handsome” circulated the internet after the incident carried by various publications on Tuesday, after a 22-year-old in Cuddalore brutally murdered her husband with a grinder stone.

While multiple media reports claimed Viji committed this crime because of her husband’s appearance, what these viral online reports failed to touch upon was the real reason why the incident lead up to this murder.

The 22 year old woman, Viji, was neither happy nor convinced about her marriage to him.

What the reports forgot to mention wasa Ramesh who returned from work, demanded sex in which Viji allegedly declined due to conjugal relations and that made the man angry and abused his wife.

He allegedly told her that “If you are not willing to sleep with me, send your mother for the same.” which lead to the woman assaulting her husband right then and there.

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