Massage Parlor’s Prostitution Ring Busted After What They Discovered In Sewer Drains

A man and his wife are both under arrest for running a prostitution ring on the side of their massage spa business after a recent investigation revealed hundreds of condoms clogging their sewage system.

A detective was assigned to investigate the North Austin massage parlor – Jade Massage Therapy, after getting a tip from the property management company about possible prostitution at the parlor. The property management company told investigators that an industrial waste disposal unit that connected the property to the city sewer became clogged and was allegedly destroyed by hundreds of condoms.

Investigators discovered that husband and wife Joseph Emery, 54, and Juan Wang, 49, were the listed owners of the business. Wang was once stopped during a security screening at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after duct-taped bundles of cash were found in her carry own luggage amounting to a total of $30,000.

Wang told an officer that she was on her way to China and the money was going to be used for a medical procedure. She advised them that the money was from Jade Massage where she worked.

During the course of the investigation, detectives stopped men who were seen coming out of the massage parlor. These alleged men admitted to receiving sexual services in exchange for cash.They would so often tip between $40-$120 in addition to the standard $60 of massage charge.

The local authorities issued a warrant on the couple’s home in northwest Austin in late March where they allegedly found Wang inside the home with a naked man and a second naked man was found in a second room with a female masseuse.

Detectives believe that Emery and Wang were using the business as a front for  human trafficking and the women were made to live inside of the business.

The business partners/couple were each charged with engaging on organized criminal activity and money laundering.

Emery’s bond was set at $53,00 and Wang’s at $45,000.

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